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1. Parrandero Fiel

2. Marie

3. Una Calle Nos Separa

~~We get it done right. On schedule. On budget.The demands of today’s broadcast media industries requires specialists with diverse talents. El Adobe Studio’s production team of sound designers, composers, producers, musicians, singers, audio engineers, and our exemplary bi-lingual talent pool guarantee that you will get a high quality product every time and on time.

  • 2."Disculpame" Juan G.Vocal "Boleros"1:00

~~Joe Cueto is a writer-producer / consultant for the advertising industry and has worked on over 300 national and regional advertising campaigns in creative and in music production. He also works in the record industry as a producer/arranger-musician. Joe produced and arranged Latin superstar Juan Gabriel's album "Boleros", released in 2012(Universal Music), on which he was also a featured violin soloist. It reached #8 on the Billboard charts. He worked in Hollywood as a musician-arranger from 1978 to 1984 and performed in the MGM Television hit series "Fame" in 1982. He studied violin in Los Angeles for four years with mentor and Hollywood legend William Kurasch, co-founder of the Sid Sharp String Section. More recently, Joe played solo electric violin for the rock band Sublime on their 2011 album release "Yours Truly", and also performed solo viola on recordings for Spain based Latin rock band Bunbury as well as for renowned indie alternative band Beach House on their hit album "Bloom".

Joe Cueto's symphonic compositions include the ballet "Las Aguilas Magicas" for orchestra, choir and children's choir, as well as musical compositions for T.V., film and documentaries. In January 2013, Joe served as an audio engineer for the Quincy Jones production of the album "Diversity" with artists Emily Bear and cellist Zuill Bailey. This album topped the Billboard Jazz charts. Joe is currently in production as a producer/writer for a soon to be aired faith-based weekly TV show and as a composer-arranger for a kid's syndicated TV show. He has co-produced and co-written a 98 minute audio book "The Patmos Prophecies", which features a symphonic score with actors, singers and narrator, to be released in 2014.

He studied music composition under Dr. Mary Jeanne van Appledorn and violin performance with Dr. James Barber for 4 1/2 years at Texas Tech University as well as violin performance at the University of Texas at El Paso with Abraham Chavez for one year. In the classical field, he has performed the Khachaturian Violin Concerto” and Lalo’s ” Symphonie Espagnole” with symphony orchestra as a violin soloist. He performed as an orchestral player in several symphony orchestras in the Los Angeles area and in the studio with varied film composers including the legendary David Newman. 

Joe has been credited with arrangements on numerous gold and platinum recording projects for such luminaries as Juan Gabriel, Isabel Pantoja, Augustin Pantoja, Lucia Mendez, Angela Carrasco, Lorenzo Antonio, Little Joe y La Familia, and Sparx to name a few.

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Contents Joe's Demo

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All the following clips feature Joe Cueto Arrangements or compositions

 and, in many cases, his instrumental performances.

1. "Disculpame"-Joe's violin solo on Juan Gabriel's "Boleros" Cd.  

     (Most songs on "Boleros" were arranged by Joe)

2. "Disculpame" with Juan Gabriel Vocals.

3. "Asi Fue"- Isabel Pantoja (Platinum record)

4. "Houston"- (1st Movement) Film score by Joe Cueto 

5.. "Houston"- (2nd Movement) Film score by Joe Cueto

6.. "Houston"- (3rd Movement) Film score by Joe Cueto

7. Juan Gabriel's Homenaje (Tribute) to Luis Arcaraz

8. "La Mal Querida"- Angela Carrasco

9. Juan Gabriel's tribute to Mona Belle featuring Sham Genesta
10. "Como, Cuando y Porque?"-Lorenzo Antonio

11. "Pase Lo Que Pase" -Juan Gabriel "Boleros"

  • Laura0:39

Marko Polo Demo Contents

1. Laura

2. The Way

3. Trumpetman's Soul

4.That's the Way I Like It

5. Apache Guapo-Tropicalisimo Apache




~~The youngest member of the El Adobe Studios team is Nicholas Cueto. Nicholas has stepped into the creative workplace in music production even as he completes his studies in filmmaking and film scoring at Santa Fe University of Art and Design. He has won awards in creative writing and received the “Director’s Chair” award for his music scoring for the short film “The Boston Post”, starring Wes Studi and Luke Kirby. In addition to scoring for films, Nicholas specializes in writing songs for film projects. He writes lyrics and music to enhance a screenplay storyline according to the film director’s vision. Nicholas is also a vocalist/performer and is presently in the studio working on a CD music project of his original songs. Listen to Nick's Demo below. 

~~Barbara Cueto serves as co-manager of El Adobe Studios. She is a published author and music writer-producer, as well as vocalist and V.O. talent. Her book "From Mafia Princess To God's Princess" ("De Princesa de la Mafia a Princesa de Dios") is distributed in 35 countries. Her work as a conference speaker has taken her to destinations as diverse as Central America and Lahore, Pakistan. She has written, produced, and sung on many of El Adobe Studio's award-winning broadcast projects for the past 26 years, including work as a back up studio vocalist for Latin Superstar artist Juan Gabriel. As an independent writer her work has been featured in notable publications such as Chicken Soup for the Soul and Christianity Today. In her work as a lyricist, she was contracted by Juan Gabriel to write English lyrics for some of his Spanish language songs. Barbara brings her many skills to our various projects along with an understanding of the needs and goals of our clients. Listen to Barb's Demo below.

~~Barry Anderson brings multi-faceted skills to the El Adobe team. He is an audio engineer, composer-arranger, pianist and an acclaimed synthesist and sound designer who utilizes the Buchla, one of the most sophisticated sound design instruments in use by the film and TV industry. His online tutorials for the operational and creative use of the Buchla reach a worldwide audience of sound designers and musicians. He excels in audio production assignments for clients varying from film makers to dance and electronic music producers.    He has co-written and co-produced two albums with his band, NarroPath , whose repertoire of rock and electronic songs highlight's Barry's writing and production skills. He recently completed a recording project consisting of dance/electronic arrangements of classic Beatles songs.  Barry also serves as El Adobe Studio’s in house mastering engineer.  He served as engineer on Quincy Jones' album production for pianist Emily Bear in 2013  and was the mixer on Juan Gabriel's 2012 "Boleros" album (Universal Music).  His educational background includes music studies at South Plains College in Texas and computer technology studies at Texas Tech University and at New Mexico State University.   Listen to some samples of Barry's designs and compositions below.


1. Boston Post 1 (Series Pilot)

2. Boston Post 1 (Series Pilot)

3. Empty Space (Vocal)

4. Max Dangerous 1 (Series Pilot)

5. Max Dangerous 2 (Series Pilot)


1. Ted Sample 1 (Alternative Instrumental)

2. Ted Sample 2 (Jazz)

3. Ted Sample 3 (Heavy Metal)

4. Ted Sample 4 (Heavy Metal)


  • Parrandero Fiel 1:06

  • Alice0:00

  • Max Dangerous 1 (Series Pilot)1:01

Barry Anderson Demo Contents

1. Alice

2. From a Dead Stop

3. How Was I To Know

4. Left Heel

5. "This Is Why We Pray" Solo

Barbara Cueto Demo Contents

1. From Mafia Princess...CD English Samples

2. Spanish CD Samples

3. "Aztec Conquest" Audiobook Sample

4. "Speak in English" Audiobook Sample

5. A Novel Sample

6. Pride and Prejudice Sample

   Team Samples

  • From Mafia Princess to God's Princess CD samples1:16

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